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Troubled Waters: Drought & Change Art Show at Sun Gallery

The “Troubled Waters: Drought and Change” art show and exhibit opened on Earth Day April 22, 2015 at the Sun Gallery in Hayward, California. Using art and interactive experiences, the gallery hopes to engage all ages, to not only view the art, but to be inspired by it to make changes in their own water […]

Press Release: ‘A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change’ show opens at The Sun Gallery

  “A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change” show is now running at the Sun Gallery at 1015 E St. in Hayward, Ca. through Thursday July 27. Recently called “the most important show Hayward has ever had” by a local geologist, the upcoming Artists Reception was announced today and will be held this Saturday, June […]

New Kickstarter art collage for sharing

This is some of the Polar bear cub artwork that was done this last Saturday at The Sun Gallery in Hayward where The Art of Climate Change art exhibit will be held in June of 2014. Please share with your friends and family – I will launch the KickStarter project in Feb. 2014. I will also […]

A climate change art lesson on Polar bear cubs

  An art lesson on endangered species: This one will be on the threatened Polar bear cubs. How are polar bears affected by global warming? Polar bears have evolved for a life on the sea ice, which they rely on for reaching their seal prey. But the Arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing due to a […]