Inventors Ideas: Climate Change

Some links of some of the people that were featured in the exhibit “The Art of Climate Change” in 2014 under SOLUTIONS:

A partial bio on Patrick: “I have worked in the fossil fuel power plant industry for 20 years at Florida Power And Light/ Nextera Energy as a production leader and control room operator and know why the burning of fossil fuels is so important to climate change and why we monitor Nitrous oxide, Sulfur Dioxide and CO2 exiting the stacks. The steam water cycle of the power plant is very similar to happens in our atmosphere and very similar to what hurricanes do to cool our climate.”

  •  Jay Toups, CEO and managing partner of BioRoot Energy, the makers of Envirolene, covered here in this story I wrote at The San Francisco Examiner.

On his alternative fuel: Toup says, “It’s the world’s strongest, cleanest alcohol fuel. It’s a new, more powerful class of ”oxygenate” fuel. It’s stronger and cleaner than ethanol, more profitable to produce, and this new clean fuel powers any gas or diesel engine from a ship to a small engine with no modifications.”



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