The Arctic Situation

This is an art lesson that I am going to be doing with the kids

This is an art lesson that I am going to be doing with the kids

This will be the area of the website where we discuss the Arctic and why it is such a critical piece in the climate change puzzle. This page will be updated in the future with a specific story to explain the Arctic situation. In the meantime however I will be updating this page with information about the people and projects that will be part of the Arctic section of the Kickstarter project.

So let’s get started, this is really exciting. I have lots of people that want to be involved in the project. Let me introduce some of them to you.

  • Andy Lee Robinson is a composer and pianist. His video of the Arctic melting will be featured in the Exhibit, with a TV screen showing his movie. The article that I wrote on Robinson is here : Arctic Video. In addition to Andy’s video there will be a illustration of “The Arctic Death Spiral” that Andy created.
  • Sam Carana, of the Arctic News Blog, will have his poster on feedback loops printed and displayed on the wall to teach people about what is currently happening and where we stand right now (his cartoons on methane will also be displayed in the exhibit)
  • It is possible we may have an ice sculptor to create an ice sculpture for this part of the exhibit. More details on this later.
  • An Arctic mural painted by my cousin on one of the walls of a full size Polar Bear.
  • A family photographer (Rose Gold) who will take photos of the families in front of the Polar Bear mural to be printed on-site (these may be put into pre-printed frames – undecided about that yet)
  • A full-size Polar Bear costume sewed by my friend Nancy Howard for use in the exhibit (to be worn by an unknown person at this time…)


  • Sam Carana is editor of a number of blogs, including the Arctic News blog. For years, Sam Carana has been warning that methane escaping from hydrates in the Arctic threatens to lead to climate catastrophe. Sam points at the need for comprehensive and effective action, as described at his Climate Plan blog. Sam’s writing and motto ‘We CAN change the world!’ highlight the ability of each person to change the world, and as the urgency to act grows, should prompt more people to conclude that we MUST change the world.
  • Andy Lee Robinson, a linux system administrator and consultant, has a passion to bring awareness about climate change to the masses and is adamant about what may happen if civilization does not address this growing threat: “We are in a period of mass extinction and heading for decimation of the quality of life for most lifeforms on the planet, including ourselves who are also subject to the laws of nature of boom and bust as resources are exploited and depleted.”
  • Harold Hensel and his wife Mary own an insurance agency in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born and raised on a farm in Western, Iowa in the 40’s and 50’s, Harold was taught by his father and uncle to be good stewards of the land. Harold says they stressed repeatedly that it was their obligation to leave the land in a better condition than when they found it. Harold has a Bachelor of Science degree and is a member of several environmental groups and a contributor at AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)  Concerned about the methane issue, Harold firmly believes that we are in imminent danger from methane emissions. Harold is also a board member of the Sierra Club.


  • Photos of the Arctic, before and after melting would be especially great.
  • A poster describing the Arctic situation and science angle (I am doing that)
  • A header sign for the Exhibit (there will be one for each section)
  • Arctic art – sculptures, paintings, photographs, clay, floral designs, etc.
  • Flat-screen TV’s and laptops in the exhibit to play movies, videos, music, etc.

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